Blockchain games  (2)

Blockchain games

Blockchain games are decentralized video games that run on blockchain technology, such as the competitive coin-collecting game Huntercoin, or the pet-breeding game Cryptokitties, in which you can collect and breed all kinds of digital cats. The use of blockchain technology allows for all kinds of interesting features. For instance, the game can make use of smart contracts and items can operate as non-fungible tokens, meaning that these items are unique collectables. When a user buys or acquires an item, this information gets stored in the blockchain and the player truly owns the item. Items can be bought and sold using cryptocurrency, and have real-world value either as digital currency or collector's items. On this page, you'll also find online games that you can play with cryptocurrency that makes use of blockchain technology. Think of bitcoin casinos, for instance, and other games that allow you to place wagers using cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple. Have a look around and find some awesome blockchain games to play.