Crescent Solitaire 2Crescent Solitaire 2You need to move all the cards from the outer piles onto the central areas.8Fairway SolitaireFairway SolitaireJust like solitaire you play a sequence of cards. But like golf, long drives help make better scores. This is the same for this game, make long runs, ...8Tingly FreecellTingly FreecellPlay a fun game of freecell solitaire in this great game by Tingly. Can you play away all the cards in the field? Use the four empty cells at the top ...6Fruit Match PuzzleFruit Match PuzzleYou're a fruit farmer and your task is to harvest all the fruit. There are twenty levels and some bonusses. Don't let the fruit go to waste. Move the ...8Minecraft Tower Defence 2Minecraft Tower Defence 2In Minecraft Tower Defence a villain has ruined the town. Now the brave Steve must cross the sea to build a new town. Dig a path, place mines, attack ...8Spider Solitaire 2Spider Solitaire 2Can you play away all the cards by arranging them by suit and by the right order. Stack up the cards from king to ace to play them away. Can you clear...6Spider SoliSpider SoliThis is a version of solitaire. Reorder the cards on the table from the highest rank to the lowest.8Tower SolitaireTower SolitaireIn Tower Solitaire you need to remove all cards from the layout by clicking on the next card that is higher or lower in sequence. Aces are both high a...8Freecell Solitaire 1Freecell Solitaire 1Play a fun game of freecell solitaire with some cheerful background music. Can you stack away all the cards from ace to king by suit in the four free ...6Tingly Pyramid SolitaireTingly Pyramid SolitaireCan you play away all of the cards in the pyramid? You can clear away the cards by combining two cards to make 13. Click on the king to remove that ca...4


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