Upper East Side Makeover

Upper East Side Makeover



Change the looks of this girl in this online girl game! Want to look pretty for a girls night out? Of course you want that! So get dress up with style, this game is ready for it! Before you go out, make sure you try all your make-up, lipstick, jewels and dresses in this fun online girl game 'Upper East Side Makeover'! Go on an evening out with the girls with style, every boy will fall for you. But of course, play this game first! Want to try a different hair color, outfit, makeup? No problem! Play this game and try all your makeup out. You can even put on some diamonds and gold, why not? Every girl loves it! Make it count! You're already pretty, but after playing this online girl game, you will become a diva! So grab your makeup, lipstick and jewels, we are going out!!!

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