Pou games



Play the best Pou games here! Pou is a funny little creature that is a bit like a tamagotchi. Pou was designed by games developer Paul Salameh, originally under the name Zakeh. What Pou actually is exactly, is perhaps best left unsaid. Most descriptions list Pou as a triangular alien poo with a happy face. In the original game you had to take care of Pou and you could change his appearance, a little like a tamagotchi game. Pou soon became very popular online, and many more Pou games followed. You can play all kinds of fun Pou games here. Pou is the main character in all of these games. Dress Pou up, redesign Pou's living space, play a Pou platform game, go shopping with Pou, or try to help Pou find a girlfriend. These Pou games are free to play, and you don't need to download anything to get started. Play Pou games directly in your browser window. Have fun with all of these Pou game adventures!