In Vanellope Princess Makeover, Vanellope von Schweetz, the feisty little princess from the videogame Sugar Rush, wants to do a big makeover. Can you help this pint-sized hero from the Wreck-It-Ralph movies choose new makeup, a new haircut, and some new clothing? First, you get to work on Vanellope's makeup. Try on the different lipsticks, mascaras and eyeshadows, and keep the best ones. Once you've applied the cosmetics you like best, you can head to Elsa's salon. Elsa will use her ice powers to dye and style Vanellope's hair. All the hairstyles on offer are based on those of other popular Disney princesses. The last stage of Vanellope's makeover is her clothing. Check out all the different outfits you can try on and choose the items of clothing you like best. Vanellope's makeover is now complete, and she looks so different! Will her friend Ralph even recognize her?

Use your mouse to play