A very tough strategy shoot'em up game. Read in-game instructions and mission information. Good luck! If the game seems to be too hard, try these things: 1. In options, turn "Old bullets" option on
2. Use Hand grenades (4) they can bounce when they hit a wall
3. Use Alt. attacks.
4. Cheat codes form EW1 still work! (press and hold YMP or ZLT or XHI to get SuperShotgun,Minigun or RocketLauncher)


'W' - up; 'S' - down; 'A' - left; 'D' - right 'R' - Reload; 'Q' -give order; 'G' - drop gun<br> Left mouse button - shoot gun;<br> Alt. shoot - spacebar<br> Primary gun - [1]<br> Secondary gun - [2]<br> Knife - [3]<br> Grenades - [4] <br>

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