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is is a puzzle computer game developed by Alexey Pajitnov on the 6th of June, 1984. The game became very famous because it used to come standard with Nintendo's gaming platform "Game Boy" since 1989. The name Tetris comes from the Greeks word for four, "tetra," because each block in classic Tetris games is made up of four squares.
In Tetris, the blocks will come falling down slowly. Rotate them and move them from side to side to get them to fall into place exactly where you want them. The objective is to make complete horizontal lines. This will cause that row of blocks to disappear. The game slowly speeds up. Can you keep up with the pace of the falling blocks?
There are also many Tetris variations with different types of blocks falling down (for instance 3D blocks, houses, countries, gift boxes, bones, etc.) and lots of different themes. You can try out all these tetris games here by browsing our huge collection of

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