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Evade Games

You can play all the best evade games on this website. In Evade games you have to dodge all kinds of dangers and obstacles. Stay focused and dodge away whenever an obstacle comes at you. If you smack into any obstacles you'll lose the game! There are lots of different types of evade games to play. In Evade the Pieces games you have to dodge all kinds of items flying around in the level. More and more floating pips and blocks start to appear the longer you play. Think ahead a little to keep dodging them all! Hang in there!In Run ’n Dodge games you must run through the levels with your characters as fast as you can. Not only will you have to dodge blocks and spikes and other obstacles. You will also have to jump over dangerous holes in the road! Good luck!We also offer a great selection of Fly and Dodge games. In these games you control a plane, helicopter, or rocket. Can you fly as far as you can while avoiding all the obstacles like zeppelins, thunder clouds, hot air balloons, and other items that keep floating onto your path? React as quickly as you can and try to get as far as possible without causing any accidents? Play the best evade games at starbie.co.uk!