screenshot walkthroughDraw and Guess Walkthrough


The game Draw and Guess lets you play a Pictionary-like multiplayer game with players from all over the world. The aim of the game is to draw a picture, allowing the other players to guess the right word. In turn, other players will try drawing pictures for you to guess. Score points for correct answers and try to collect the highest totals within each 10-minute round. If you are not that confident about your artistic skills, you can skip your turn at drawing. The game will then move on to the next player on the list. Draw and Guess automatically skips inactive players who do not respond to the drawing cues (either by choosing a word or selecting 'skip turn'), so unlike some other turn-based multiplayer games, your game of Draw and Guess is never slowed down by inactive players. Join a friendly community and start drawing!

Use your mouse to draw