Adventure games



Play one of the different adventure games at! Are you ready for a new big adventure? All our games are free online games and very well suited for children. Our adventure games can be played as full pc games. Grab your sword and your shield and lets go! Run and jump in our many platform games and react fast to any threats. Explore new territories and solve the puzzles you find along the way. There's lots of cool adventures to be had in these online games!

Why not start with the fun series of Fireboy and Watergirlgames. In these puzzle adventure platformer games you have to help the boy and the girl work together to collect all the diamonds and clear all the obstacles in each level.

Running games are also lots of fun and very popular. Check out Run 3. In this game you have to run through an endless tunnel and dodge, jump over, and float past the many dangers you will encounter as you speed ahead.

In Minecraft Clone you can go on an adventure in the fascinating world of Minecraft. Collect resource blocks and move them around. Remove or stack them to construct amazing landscapes and design your own unique buildings. Are you looking for the next big adventure? Take a look into our huge overview of adventure games on! Find your next favourite and start playing right away!