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Before computers and laptops, game consoles and a decent internet connection were widely available to households, the cool place to go for video games was the arcade hall. Here, you could hang out with your friends, compete against one another, and strive to push your name to the top of the high-score list for a bit of local celebrity. Many of the popular classics today trace their origin to the coin-operated arcade machines of the 80s and the slicker arcade installations of the 90s. On this page, you’ll find a great collection of nostalgic arcade games, as well as some new reboots. For more classic games, be sure to check out our classics section as well.

Classic arcade games

The classic arcade games require little in the way of explanation or tutorials. The game play and controls are intuitive, and so the moment you put in your coins you’re good to go. Pacman and the four ghosts, Donkey Kong and Jumpman (Mario’s precursor), beating the Space Invaders, or knocking out your opponents in Street Fighter – the gameplay is fast-paced and it requires reaction speed and skill to win, but your objective is always clear. You can see a lot of the game mechanics of arcade classics replicated in newer genres, such as our fighting games and our Jumping Up Games.

Arcade game genres

The most popular arcade hall gaming genres include fighting, racing, and shooting games. While the classic arcade hall games were played on dedicated box-screen consoles with buttons and a joystick, you will also find a variety of more elaborate machines in modern arcade halls. Rail shooter games with precise light guns, Dance Dance Revolution with platform and mat, racing games with a driver’s seat, gear shift, and foot pedals, or motorcycle seats with handlebars, throttle and brakes. You might even come across games featuring innovative features such as motion and position sensors.

Arcade game golden age

Relive some of the classic arcade games from the late-1970s and the 1980s, the Golden Age of arcade gaming, and their legacy. New games, old school games, single player, multiplayer, we have we have a great range of arcade games lined up for you to play - no quarters required! Have fun playing!