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Stunt Games

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motor jump games

! In these exciting stunt games you have to race your motorbike, bike, boat, or other vehicles up a ramp. Make a big jump off the edge of the ramp and perform all kinds of risky stunts while you're in the air! Grab the handles of your motorbike and throw your legs up in the air to do the superman. Let go with your hands, or make a front flip or backflip! No matter how impressive your stunt is, you'll only get the full points if you manage to finish it correctly. That means you have to land without accidents! Make sure you get back in the saddle and land on your wheels rather than your head, or you'll end up lying under your own bike with a broken neck and no points for all your effort!
Can you complete all the dangerous stunts in these exciting stunt games and score enough points to get to the next level and unlock new, more extreme stunts and ramps? Have fun performing crazy stunts in these cool and funny stunt games!