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Starbie offers a great selection of free online multiplayer games for you to explore. We have a wide range of online multiplayer games to suit every player’s tastes. Cooperate with other players as you exchange gifts, resources, and many other items you need to expand your farm or improve your city. Visit and explore your friends' places to see if they need help completing challenges and quests. Feeling competitive? Show other players that you are fit to rule over a vast kingdom. Compete with other players for resources and new territory in one of our exciting empire building games. Forge alliances, trade goods, and attack enemy realms to make them surrender to your mighty armies!

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Explore the action-packed gameplay features of our competitive multiplayer games for free. Build up your army or level up your characters and fight or race against other online players. Join a racing tournament and jump into your vehicle to get started. Grab ahold of your steering wheel as you try to complete the laps without crashing. Can you stay ahead of your competitors and cross the finish line in first place? Travel to magical worlds where dragons soar across the skies and the dark caves and mines hide a horde of lurking monsters. Grip your weapons tightly and face other players in exciting PvP battles, or combine forces with your online friends to rid the land of the evil forces in a series of cool PvE quests. In these free multiplayer games, you can become part of an amazing online gaming community and meet lots of new friends!

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All of the fun and exciting multiplayer games you see listed on this page are completely free to play, and you don't need to download a single file to get started. We've collected a diverse selection of games, and you can enjoy them directly in your web browser window. To start your gameplay session, all you have to do is browse our game list and click on the title you want to play. Explore the vast worlds contained in our multiplayer games and start making new friends around the world, or link up with your friends from social media!