Explore a whole new Vex map with Vex 4, a new installment in the Vex platform adventure series! Leap clear of the buzz saws, spikes, and flying darts as you help your stickman reach the checkpoints and the green portal at the end of each level. Climb platforms by scaling the walls, bounce across the orange boxes, and sail down the zip lines. Cling to the edge of platforms and wait until the right moment to clear the laser beams and moving saws blocking the stretch ahead. Swim through the water and find your way to the surface before you run out of breath. In each level, there are speed challenges and other additional objectives to complete for a 100% achievement score. If you can attain these, you can unlock the level at maximum difficulty! Or play the ever-expanding Challenge Level, a level that grows progressively longer and more complicated but features no checkpoints!


Run and jump
Press while jumping to smash through ice or kick crates