Vegas Clash 3D
Vegas Clash 3D
Vegas Clash 3D
Vegas Clash 3D
Vegas Clash 3D

Vegas Clash 3D



Vegas Clash 3D is a funny shooter game with immersive graphics. The player’s criminal gang has come up with a great idea to rob a casino. In Las Vegas, nobody will look twice when they see an Elvis-impersonator, so all the gang members are disguised in the same Elvis outfit. The player must search for the vault and try to get away with the cash before the police can retaliate.

How to play Vegas Clash 3D?

The casino may be a good target in terms of the cash that’s in the vault, but they are also heavily guarded by the police. The player must run through the casino, find the bags of money, and try to get away. The gang has a limited amount of time to get the loot out of the building. Go, go, go!

Game developer

Freeway Interactive

Release date

September 14, 2021

asdUse WASD keys and mouse to play