screenshot walkthroughGoodgame Empire: World War 3 Walkthrough


In Goodgame Empire: World War 3, the discovery of a new and extremely rare resource has thrown the world’s power balance into turmoil. This net material, Millennium, is of unimaginable value and all the great powers want to get their hands on the biggest slice of the pie. Waste no time and start building your own base close to the world’s largest Millennium deposits. Start mining for Millennium and use your proceeds to buy advanced military equipment, additional troops, and all kinds of amazing Millennium-related tech. Of course, you’ll have to defend your resources from your enemies and push back with ruthless attacks of your own. Forge alliances with other powerful military strongholds and crush all those who would dare take you on in battle! Goodgame Empire: World War 3 was developed by the makers of the hit game Empire: Four Kingdoms!

Use your mouse to play