Idle-Based games


Idle-Based Games

Play Idle-Based games for free online at Starbie

Here at Starbie, we have a great collection of idle games for you to enjoy. Idle-based titles are casual games in which you have to try to amass wealth and property. They are also known as incremental games because with each small action you can add a little to your income. Tap items to earn coins, and use your money to buy new items or characters that will help you earn money faster. Once you are able to unlock the means to automate your income, you can leave the game to run ‘idle’ and collect currency for you. For more Simulation & Strategy games, check out this page!

Idle-based games: from clicking to automation

Idle-games are sometimes also called clicker games, named after the click-heavy initial stage of the game in which you have to manually collect enough cash to unlock your first automation upgrades. This phase of the game is also called ‘grinding’. Once you’re past the grinding phase, the more strategic elements come into play. (The term clicker games can, however, also refer to any game that involves frequent or frantic mouse clicking, not just idle-based adventures. Follow this link to view our full collection of clicker games!)

Running idle – pick your upgrades

Once you’re able to purchase upgrades, it’s time to watch your capital boom! Pick the best items to increase the speed at which currency is generated and reduce the amount of clicks needed. Keep the game running in the background to accrue cash while you work on something else. However, as you purchase upgrades that push your earnings up by increments, the price of those upgrades will also rise. Spend wisely and make sure not to waste your money on upgrades that won’t pay back as much as you put in.

Idle-based increments: the more you own, the more you earn

In some games, you play the role of a property tycoon, buying up land and real estate to build your own city. In other games, it’s about collecting farm plots and produce, or assembling heroes for a quest, or conquering whole planets. Collect revenue from your property, hire workers to manage things for you, and continue to increase your profits. Explore every cool feature of the game. The more you unlock, the more you can earn!