screenshot walkthroughAurora’s Birthday Ball Walkthrough


In Aurora’s Birthday Ball, it's Sleeping Beauty's birthday. To celebrate, she's throwing a festive ball. First, you can head over to the shops with Aurora's two friends, Mulan and Belle. You three need to find a nice birthday present for Aurora. Wrap up your present in a nice gift box and choose a birthday card to go with it. Before you head off to help Aurora get dressed up, Mulan and Belle also need your help choosing their dresses and shoes. Once you've advised the two girls on their fashion choices and have gotten them all dressed up and ready, you can head over to Aurora to help her put together a glorious outfit that will make her the star of the ball. Choose a dress and shoes, and sort through the many accessories Aurora can choose to make her ensemble look splendid and unique. Tiaras, flowers, jewels, purses, Aurora has it all.

Use your mouse to play