Fashion games


Fashion Games

Fashion games are really popular online right now. Especially websites specialised in games for girls and boys who are into high fashion and pretty clothes are packed with all kinds of fashion games in which you can completely customise the look of your models over and over again!
Start by choosing your models. Do you want to dress up a beautiful girl or maybe the cute boy of your dreams? You can also dress up couples for their wedding day, or for a casual date. In some games you can be the celebrity stylist to your favourite TV and pop stars. Or dress up your favourite characters from Disney cartoons and TV series!
In fashion games it's all about what's hip. Do you know all about the latest fashion, do you love clothes shopping, and are you crazy about clothes, shoes and accessories? Then you can really go wild with these models. They're not fussy at all and they love to try on any clothes you suggest! You can also customise the models in some games by changing their eye colour, hairstyle, and skin tone to make them look like you, or like your friends.
Dress your model up in all kinds of cute outfits. You've got so many options! Will you go for jeans, or maybe a dress or a skirt after all? Does it look nice with a shirt and a jacket? Or maybe this outfit calls for a warm sweater. Don't forget, knitwear is really trendy too! We’ve got Summer Dress Up games with licht summer and beachwear, and Winter Dress Up games full of warm winter clothing and knitted sweaters!
And what about the accessories? Will you be content with just a cute purse, or are you going full prom style: jewels, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a beautiful and unique hat? In summer dress up games you must also remember not to forget your sunglasses!
Mix and match, see which clothes and accessories look best, and find the most fashionable looks for your models. You can also try on really silly outfits just for fun. It's all up to you in these fun fashion games! Enjoy!