Highway Racing games


Highway Racing Games

Race along the highway in these exciting highway racing games. Drive cars, motorbikes, trucks and other vehicles down the highway at top speeds. In these highway racing games the laws and speed limits don't apply to you! Each highway racing game in our collection is really challenging. Not only do you have to overtake all of your opponents and leave them to bite the dust in your wake, you also have to dodge oncoming traffic and slower cars on the road! If you wreck your car in an accident you'll be unable to finish the race, of course! Make sure you don't crash into another car or skid off the road! Will yours be the first race car to cross the finish? Overtake all the other drivers and make sure you stay well ahead of them.Try out challenging games such as Mad Trucker 2 in which you have to reach the final stop in as few rounds as possible by buying the best upgrades for your truck. Or check out Highway Zombies and ram all the zombies on the road to kill them and survive the highway zombie apocalypse. Good luck on the highway with these thrilling highway racing races!