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Scary Games

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If you enjoy thrills and frights every now and then, we’ve got a great selection of scary games for you to enjoy. From haunted houses full of ghosts and monsters to funny Halloween-themed adventures and puzzles. Escape from a creepy mansion or a cabin in the woods in our escape games, or pick the scariest titles from our selection of horror games. From Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster to Slenderman, you’ll find lots of classic creeps and ghouls collected on this page. If you love a scare now and then, this is the page for you.

Scary games: escape the haunted houses

Turn down the lights and play atmospheric escape room games in which you have to find your way out of an abandoned mansion or the cabin you’ve fled to in the middle of a howling storm. Can you discover what terrible events took place here and solve the paranormal mystery? Who knows what could be lurking behind the next set of doors. Turn the handle and enter if you dare. Search for something to make light, and find clues such as logbooks, scraps of journal pages, and secret codes. A chilling ambience, strange noises and ominous background music, the stage is set for a spine-tingling story to unfold. If you like a good ghost tale with a jump scare thrown in every now and then, these scary games are just the thing.

Scary games, creepy monsters

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy some monstrously funny pop culture quizzes with Trollface the point and click horror games, or pin throwing knives into the spinning monsters to defeat them in our special edition of Knife Hit Horror. Did you love the night-time terrors of the graveyard shift at Freddy’s, then check out some spin-off games inspired by the possessed automatons of this scary series. Or take on the eerily gaunt and faceless horror Slenderman and his army of zombies in the bone-chilling 3D shooter game Slenderman History. Are zombies your favourite undead foes to take down? You can find our full collection of zombie games here, just make sure nobody eats your brains!