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Start your own Viking adventure with our collection of Viking games. Vikings were seafarers who traded with neighboring lands and conquered many nations by means of raiding and pillaging. Did you know that Russia owes its name to the Vikings? Rus was the original name of the Vikings who reached Russia. They founded important trading cities and traded with Constantinople via Russia.

The origins of the Vikings

The Vikings originated from an area that we now identify as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. These Northmen were initially part of a homogenous group that diversified through the centuries. Multiple small kingdoms were established that were in conflict with each other. Eventually, these developed into the Scandinavian countries that we know today.

Viking ships

Vikings built different types of boats that had specific purposes. There were fast and light boats which transported people, but there were also the so-called longships that were 36 meters in length. These ships were used for the transportation of goods, for sea adventures and warfare. The largest longships were named Drakkars and were used for raids and attacks. The Knarr was used for trade and transport. The bows of the boats were sometimes decorated with carvings, for example the large longships that were destined to attack and plunder had terrifying dragon- or snakeheads displayed on the bow.

Viking myth-making

Stories about Vikings became more romanticized in the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, when there was a revival of interest in Viking stories and myths. They were portrayed as noble, but rugged and unkept. Actually, archaeological evidence suggests that they were pretty well-groomed for their time. The infamous horned helmets of the Vikings are another such myth: nothing indicates that the Northmen ever wore helmets with horns.

How to play Viking games

Do you want to conquer and pillage, just like the Vikings? Then pick a weapon and pick a longship and a crew. Most of our Viking games are action games, but you can also defend your settlement in one of our many castle defend adventures. Have a browse and find your favourite titles!