Thrill Rush games


Thrill Rush

Thrill Rush games are great if you love the amusement park, especially the roller coaster rides. The faster and crazier the better. Although the Thrill Rush adventures are more of an amusement park nightmare! In each episode, you're trying out a cool new roller coaster. But when you get all the way to the top, the lift mechanism explodes! Your car is separated from the rest and flung onto the rails! Dodge the falling pieces of decor and the gaps in the track by jumping and ducking on time. Can you make it to the end of the roller coaster without getting knocked out of your cart? Collect money along the way so you can unlock fun new roller coaster carts and customize your character. In later editions of Thrill Rush, you can also switch between day mode and night mode, and you can play spin the wheel for extra prizes! Check out our free online Thrill Rush games and have fun in these dangerous amusement park adventures!