Drawing games


Drawing Games

Drawing games to play for free online at Starbie!

Do you live to draw? Why not give our free online drawing games a try. You can draw and colour in your own creations, or trace images you like. Draw lines to complete a picture, or to create the platforms necessary to complete each level in our entertaining draw the line games. Play a colour (or build) by number game with 3D pixels, or join other players for a round of draw and guess pictionary games. If you prefer coloring pictures, head over to our coloring games pages for a complete overview of titles.

Drawing games, a creative outlet

In our sketch pad and freehand drawing games, you can create your own doodles. Some of the more advanced games also allow you to create layers. This means you can put the sketch, the line art, and the colors on different transparent sheets, allowing you to erase sketch lines or add colors without damaging the line art. In our multiplayer drawing games you can take turns sketching pictures and guessing the meaning with other players. Who can gather the most points by guessing the answer quickest? In our character creator games you can pencil or piece together your own character designs in different art styles. Or draw tattoos on your customers by tracing the stencils they like. Copy the desired tattoo art as closely as you can because any mistakes will be permanent, leaving you with some very unhappy customers!

Drawing games: line drawing

If you prefer to use your art skills to solve puzzles, you can try our many line drawing games. Pencil in the lines quickly to catch falling items, complete a road, or protect characters from falling objects. Draw the right shapes and scribble in the right connecting lines as quickly and accurately as you can. Make sure your magic markers don’t run out of ink before you’re done though! Can you see what the correct solution is to each level? For more challenging games like these, be sure to check out our brainteaser games, too!

Drawing games – play now!

From line art to colouring, there’s plenty to draw at Starbie. Have a browse through our game collection and find the titles you like best. Have fun playing!