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Set out on a new set of superhero adventures in our collection of Spiderman games. Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is the alter ego of nerdy high school student Peter Parker, and the first-ever teenage superhero who wasn’t a sidekick character. Spidey is an everyman who has to survive high school while dealing with evil supervillains like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Kingpin, Shocker, and Venom. Take on the forces of evil with this Marvel hero, or check out our full collection of Marvel superhero games here.

Spiderman’s origin – a radioactive spider bite

Peter Parker is an orphaned science nerd living in New York with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter’s life changes forever. He begins to develop superpowers including enhanced strength, stamina, and speed. He can shoot threads of spiderweb from his wrists (although in some series he uses a wrist-mounted gadget for this), and he can make his hands and feet stick to walls and other surfaces just like a spider can.

Spiderman becomes a hero

Initially, Peter uses his abilities selfishly. He isn’t planning to become a superhero until his decision not to stop an armed criminal – even though he easily could have – results in Uncle Ben’s death. Wracked by guilt, Peter decides to use his power for good, taking on the motto “With great power comes great responsibility”. When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko developed the idea for Spiderman, teenage superhero characters had only ever appeared in comics as sidekicks. Spiderman was the first teen character to be a superhero in his own right, and has remained one of the most famous and popular Marvel heroes of all time.

Team-ups and alternate universes

Spiderman is part of the Avengers and appears in the movies as the hyperactive and over-eager protégé of Tony Stark (check out our Iron Man games here ). Don’t forget to take a peek at our full overview of Avengers games as well! The recent animated movie “Into the Spider-Verse” introduces new fans to alternate dimension versions of Spiderman, such as Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy), Spiderman Noir, and Miles Morales. There was even a Spiderman musical, “Turn Off the Dark”, which became infamous for the many stunt-related injuries sustained due to the impressive but dangerous aerial combat scenes. It just goes to prove that web-slinging isn’t for everyone…