Hunting Games


Hunting Games

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For many species, humans included, hunting has been a vital skill necessary for survival. Hunters can work together a group to surround and overcome very large or very fast prey, or they can set snares and other traps to catch animals. In our collection of hunting games you can experience the thrill of hunting with modern rifles and gear, take on the role of a prehistoric hunter armed with a spear or bow, or become a four-legged predator yourself in some of our animal simulator adventures. (If you were looking for fishing sims, angling sports and aquatic trapping are often not categorized as hunting, and so we’ve given these games their own fishing games overview pages.)

Hunting and Gathering

Prehistoric humans are often described as hunter-gatherers, which means that they both hunted the woods and plains for live prey and also foraged for plant-based foods. As humans settled and learned to farm animals and other produce, hunting became less essential to human survival. However, hunting lives on today for other purposes, including sport, pest control, and animal population control. Many of our hunting games are about the sport of hunting: unlocking and collecting high-end hunting gear, gathering the right weapons and traps to take on a hunting expedition, and stealthily lying in wait for the perfect shot.

Hunting Simulation Games

Opinions on hunting are divided. Some people love to hunt and put their own food on the table and hunting trophies on the walls. Others regard hunting as unnecessary cruelty to animals. Of course, in our hunting games, no real animals are harmed, so you can blast your rifles or stalk your prey with a spear in hand free of guilt. It’s up to you to choose how, where, and what prey you want to hunt. For more games with guns, be sure to check out our full collection of shooting games as well, or how about trying your hand at our bow and arrow games.

Predator Hunt Games

In our predator simulation hunting games, you can experience another way of hunting. Become a predatory animal and prowl the forest or the open plains for prey to kill and eat. Chase other animals and catch them with your teeth and claws, or quietly move closer unseen and ambush your prey. You need to eat enough meat to survive, so make sure you don’t run out of energy. Have fun playing!