Coloring games


Coloring games

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Coloring games are a fun way to relax and unwind. Pick up your digital pencils, crayons, markers, or paintbrushes and start bringing these images to life with a splash of color. On this page, you’ll find a range of different online games. Children can color in animals, cars, planes, and their favorite characters from cartoons and movies. In addition, we also have more detailed mandala games that adults will be sure to enjoy, too! Have a browse and find some creative coloring games for yourself or for your kids to play online or print and color at home.

Coloring games for children

Creating little pieces of art is fun. Using these black and white stencils, children can practice the fine motor skills needed to carefully color within the lines, experiment with different hues, and just be creative. Many of our games are suitable for very young children, with lots of bright paints to splash around without creating a mess. With recognizable shapes and large areas to dab colors onto, even the youngest players will find these games easy and engaging to play. If you are looking for more games suited to young children, then be sure to give our kids games page a try as well!

Coloring for adults

It’s tempting to think that coloring pictures is mainly something for young children, but coloring books for adults have become an increasingly widespread trend over the past years. Of course, images and books designed for adults do differ from those made for children, often featuring far more intricate designs and complex geometric patterns. Mandala coloring books and games are especially popular. These highly detailed patterns really make you wind down and take your time. You might even find that working on these images puts you into an almost meditative state of calm. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though: the mandala is traditionally used as a tool to aid meditation!

Color by number games

Color by number games are another type of coloring activity that has recently made a big comeback through online gaming. Each area of the image is numbered. Find the colors that match each number and paint the areas accordingly to watch the picture come together. There are lots of 2D color-by-number games, as well as some 3D color-by-pixel titles in which you build up three-dimensional items using colored blocks. Have fun playing!