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Typing games at Starbie

With our online typing games, you can learn how to type quickly without looking at your fingers. In these adventure games, your typing skills will allow you to dodge obstacles, blow up bombs, shoot zombies or invading alien spaceships, and generally prevent disaster. Aside from typing challenges, you can also find a fun collection of word search games on our website, or check out this page for our catalogue of word games.

Why practice typing?

Typing without looking at the keyboard is called touch typing, and it’s a very valuable skill that can save you a lot of time. With some practice, your typing speed will improve a lot. In addition, being able to read along by looking at the screen rather than staring at your fingers allows you to spot typing errors right away. You can correct them immediately without having to go back and reread every paragraph.

How do typing games work?

In these games, you have to type letters and words to stay alive. Because you have to look at the screen to keep up with the action, you don’t have time to constantly look down at your fingers. That way, you can practice using all ten fingers to type the different letters. It’s tricky at first, but using these games for practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it and become quicker than ever!

Hand position for touch typing

The touch typing hand position is your key to winning. Your index fingers rest on the F and J keys, which each have a little ridge to help you find them. Your remaining fingers rest on the keys on the middle row of letters next to the F and J, and slide across the keyboard from there. You can look up touch typing hand positions online and find a system that suits you. Good luck, and have fun playing!