Darts games



Here you can play the best online darts games available on the internet! Play darts for free, directly in your browser window! Darts first gained popularity as a pub game in England. Darts used to be considered a game of chance, and at the time it was illegal to play games of chance in pubs throughout England. This all changed when pub owner Jim Garside was taken to court for allowing people to play darts in his pub. Garside brought the best darts player he knew into the courtroom, a man named William "Bigfoot" Anakin. He had Bigfoot hit three random numbers selected by the Justices. Bigfoot hit them all. Then Garside asked the Justices try the same. Of course, they were not nearly as good, and their darts all missed their targets. They had to conclude that it took practice and skill to play darts, making darts a skill-based game rather than a game of chance. After all, Garside and Bigfoot had just proven that a practiced player clearly possessed more skill than unpracticed players. Because Garside’s defence in court made it legal to play darts in pubs, the court case paved the way for darts to gain mainstream popularity as a sport.
In the game of darts, players have to throw three dart arrows at a board from a distance. The circular board has twenty numbers around the edges. In the middle of the board there's a small red circle called the bull's eye. The highest score a player can throw is 180, by hitting the triple 20 with all three darts. Can you score 180 in these fun online darts games? Set the right angle and power for your throw. Toss the darts at the board and hit exactly the numbers you were aiming for. Have fun playing these great online darts games!