Dodgeball games


Dodgeball Games

Play the best dodgeball games here! Play dodgeball directly in your browser window and for free! We've got the best Dodgeball games, including games like Dodgeball, Hit Ball 4, and Snow Fight 2! Dodgeball is a game played with two teams and one or more bouncy balls. It's very popular in schools and is often played during P.E. lessons. The class is divided into two teams, and each team gets half the playing field. Players throw the ball and try to hit each other with it. If you are hit by a ball you are out, so you must to dodge the balls thrown at you. If you catch a ball, however, the opponent who threw it is out. Can you hit all the members of the other team and empty their playing field? There are lots of fun dodgeball variations to play in real life, and lots of fun online dodgeball games to play on our website. We've searched the internet for the best and most popular dodgeball games. You'll find them all right here, waiting for you to play! Have fun!