Baseball games


Baseball games

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If you like baseball games and feel like you’re ready for the major leagues, this is the game page for you. Here, we’ve collected a range of online baseball titles for you to play for free. We’ve got realistic baseball simulators as well as funny sports adventures inspired by baseball. So grab your baseball bat and step up to the plate. If you’re looking for more, be sure to check out our full collection of sports games as well.

Baseball: how to play

Baseball is believed to have developed out of bat-and-ball games played in Britain and Ireland, such as rounders and ‘stoolball’, a batting game milkmaids used to play with their milking stools and milk bowls. The first recorded baseball match in the Americas was played in Ontario, Canada in 1838. In baseball, the batting team must attempt to bat the ball away and run to the bases, sprinting across the pitch to score a single, double, triple, or home run. The fielding team has various methods to prevent the batters from doing so. The pitcher can try to deliver the ball so that the batter misses three times and strikes out. If the batter does manage to hit the ball into the field of play, the fielding team can try to catch the ball in flight (flyout), or tag the runner out.

Baseball games: Batter up!

If you like batting best, try our game Baseball Pro and show the world your batting skills. Straighten your cap and plant your cleated shoes firmly apart, because it’ll take a star player to win the match. If you’d like to do some running as well, have a go at Baseball League, in which you not only get to swing your bat but also have to help your players advance around the diamond. In Baseball Team, you exchange your bat for a glove and take on the role of the pitcher. Throw curveballs and come up with clever strategies to strike the batter out.

Funny baseball games

Aside from these more realistic baseball games, we also have a number of bat-and-ball games loosely inspired by the sport. Play America's Favorite Pastime with Winnie the Pooh, battle it out in a 1-on-1 baseball duel, or hit the ball to break as many windows as you can. Looking for more ball games and batting sports? Don’t forget to check out our ball games page for more!