Online Pool games


Online Pool Games

Check out our website to play the best online Pool games! These pool games are not just fun to play in the pub, you can now also play them online and for free! Here you will find online pool games, snooker games, and billiards. All of these cue sports are really popular online! Hit the balls and make them roll into the pockets before your opponent does! Popular online pool games include Mini Pool, Real Pool and 3D Pool. Check out these online pool games now!
Pool is usually played on a pool table with a set of numbered pool balls. The pool table is usually covered in green felt. There is a hole in each corner, and in the middle of the two long sides of the rectangular table. These are called the pockets. Players must use a long stick with a little cushion on one end, the cue, to hit the balls and knock them into the pockets. You cannot hit the balls directly with your cue, however. There is one white ball in the game. Players must hit the white ball with their cue so that it strikes the other balls at the right angle and with the right amount of speed to knock them into the pockets.
There are a number of different pool games, but the most popular pool variations are 8-ball pool and 9-ball pool.
9-Ball Pool is played with 10 balls - 9 coloured ones and the white one. The coloured balls are played out on the table in a diamond pattern. Players must first hit the ball with the lowest number and work their way up to number 9.
8-Ball Pool is played with 16 balls - 15 coloured balls and the white one. One player must pocket all the striped balls (the stripes) and the other player pockets the solids. The black ball is the 8-ball, and this ball must be pocketed last. You may only knock the 8-ball into the pocket if you have played away all the other balls in your set (stripes or solids). If you pocket the 8-ball earlier, you lose! If you pocket the white ball by accident, you will lose a turn.
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