Digging games



Play the best digging and Aqua Energiser games here. We've got lots of great Aqua Energizer digging games available to play for free, so check out this page and discover your new favourite game. In Aqua Energizer games you have to dig a long tunnel and collect all the precious stones and ores as you make your way through an underground maze. Make sure you dig in the right direction. The maze is full of traps, and you don't want to get crushed by falling rocks. If you start digging through the wrong areas, heavy rocks may fall on your head and kill you, or they may block your path so that you become trapped. Maybe you will hit a water reservoir by accident, flood your own tunnel and drown! Try not to let that happen! In these fun digging games the challenge is to dig your tunnel so that all the rocks fall in the right direction and all the other dangerous obstacles are given a wide berth. Can you figure out how to dig a tunnel through the earth in a way that also allows you to collect all of the underground treasures? Give this genre a try with a classic like Aqua Energizer 1, or the fun game Diggy. Good luck with these fun digging games! Enjoy!