Fishing Games


Fishing Games

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Cast your line to reel in a big catch in our collection of fishing games. We’ve got angling games that are comical and cartoony, as well as a number of very realistic fishing games in which it’s all about choosing the right location, equipment, and bait. Hop into your virtual fishing boat, or pick a nice and quiet spot by the water. It’s time for a relaxing break. If you’re looking for more sports besides angling to keep you occupied during your leisure time, be sure to check out our complete sports games overview as well.

Fishing and angling games

Most of the games you’ll find collected on this games are angling games. Fishing refers to catching aquatic animals such as fish, shellfish, and squid by various means and techniques. For example, with a rod or a spear, or by setting traps and using nets. Angling, however, refers specifically to techniques of catching fish with a hook, usually suspended from a line, and with lures or bait attached to attract fish.

Realistic Fishing games

There are various angling techniques, and what methods and equipment anglers use depend on factors such as the environment, their location on or by the water, and the type of fish they are aiming to catch. In our more realistic fishing games, such as Fishing Online, these are all factors you have to take into consideration as you select your equipment and explore the various locations you can unlock.

Funny Fishing games

In our funny fishing games, your objective is usually to catch as many fish as possible, and reel in at least one of each kind. Unlock more fish as you play and find out what’s hidden away in the deepest depths of the lakes and seas. In these games, you’ll frequently end up pulling all kinds of unexpected creatures and items out of the water, from old shoes to glowing jellyfish, sharks, and maybe even a giant squid!

Our Fishing games and more

So cast your line and try your hand at the sport of angling. Relax by a tranquil lake or venture onto treacherous seas. Be sure to check out our super fishing games as well, or take on the role of a fish yourself and hunt for smaller sea creatures to eat in our collection of fishy games. Have fun playing!