Fireman games


Fireman Games

Put out all the fires in these exciting fireman games! Be quick and put the blaze out before the fire get out of control and burns everything down! The work a fireman does is really dangerous and tough. You have to be very brave and strong, and put out large fires. You might even have to run into burning buildings to save people! In real life, being a fireman is a really dangerous job and definitely not a game! Obviously, you should never play with fire, but fortunately you can still play lots of fireman games online and put out the digital fires from the safety of your own home! Why not try 3D Fire Fighter Parking. In this game you have to help the firemen quickly park their big firetruck so that they can extinguish the fire. Or how about controlling the fire helicopter to put out the forest fire and rescue the survivors in Super Fireman? Have fun with these cool firefighter games!