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Maze Chase Games

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Maze chase games are a popular subgenre of maze games. These games are sometimes also referred to as dot eat games, because the objective of the game is to eat as many dots as you can while moving through a maze and avoiding one or more enemies. Especially throughout the early 80s, you would find these games all over the arcade halls. If you want to check out more arcade classics, you can find our arcade games page here!

Pacman games and other famous Maze Chase titles: a brief history

The first maze chase game, Heiankyo Alien, appeared in Japan in 1979. However, the most famous example of the genre will always be Namco’s Pac-Man, which appeared a year later. In this world-famous arcade game, you have to eat pips with your yellow pac-dot while keeping clear of four colourful ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Pac-Man spawned a whole collection of clones, including Snack Attack (1982), Crystal Castle (1983), and Monster Munch (1983).

How to play Maze Chase games

In these dot eat games, each maze is full of dots. The goal is to clear each level by collecting every last dot. Sometimes, other items will appear in the maze, such as fruit or gold coins for extra points, or special power-ups that make you invulnerable. In the meanwhile, one or more enemies will be roaming around the maze as well. Some are programmed to chase you, while others might work to trap you.

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