Gold Digger games


Gold Digger

Play the best free gold miner games here! You can play these online games directly in your browser window, no download required! In gold digger games you have to pull up lots of lumps of gold out of the mine or the water before you run out of time. Play Gold Miner 1, the fun social game Gold Digger Multiplayer, or the popular goldminer variation Gold Miner Xploit, as well as many other entertaining online games! Swing the fishing line or grappling hook from side to side and wait until it hanging right over a big nugget of gold. Drop the hook quickly to snag the gold nugget! If you hit the gold nugget you will be able to reel it in. Try to aim for the biggest gold nuggets first, because those are worth more points and you have to finish each level with a set number of points to keep up with your gold fever! If you don’t make the required amount of money for each level you will lose the game! Treasure chests and diamonds are also worth lots of points, even though you never quite know what will be in them. Make sure that you don't hit any ordinary rocks or old boots with your hook. Those items are hardly worth anything and heavy to reel in, which means they will cost you a lot of your precious time. Quickly chuck a stick of dynamite at any junk you don’t want to get of it! How much gold can you collect in these fun gold digging and goldmine games? Good luck!