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Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008



Rich graphics allow you to experience Beijing’s Olympic spirit at home through these 3 events.


Archery:<br> Click on the screen and drag the mouse to pull the bow's string. Keep holding the button and, when the target pops up, use the mouse to aim and release the button to shoot.<br><br> Weight Lifting:<br> 1. Quickly tap the Left and Right arrow keys to build power.<br> 2. Slowly hit the Left and Right arrow keys to lift the barbell.<br> 3. Use the Left and arrow keys to keep the weight lifter in balance by keeping the ball in the center.<br><br> Diving:<br> A & D = Control the green ball<br> Left & Right arrow keys = Control the orange ball<br> Hit the Spacebar to build power for the dive then, while diving, keep the balls on the markers of the same color to win style points.

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